Post Remediation Verification

If your Phoenix Arizona Valley home or commercial property has suffered a water disaster then it is crucial to call the right water restoration company to get your property back in shape. Having the best water damage restoration team in town can make all the difference between getting your property back up and running or having to start from scratch.

Pre-Remediation Inspection

When your property is hit with a flood or leak and has suffered mold damage it will require a thorough inspection of the building before any restoration or repairs can be completed. This inspection process is commonly referred to as post remediation verification testing (PRV).

This step will include a visual inspection of the affected areas and any surrounding areas that were inaccessible during the mold cleanup. A PRV inspector will also collect at least one surface sample and a dust, air or vacuum samples to confirm that the work performed has removed all of the mold growth.

If you have recently had a water or flood related disaster such as a roof or ceiling leak, plumbing issue or dishwasher malfunction at your home or business then you need to contact PritchettHi right away to get your home or business back to normal. We are a professional company with a team of experienced professionals that will be able to walk you through the entire restoration process and remove all of your fears.

Post-Remediation Inspection

A post remediation verification (PRV) inspection is an essential step that is required after mold and/or bacteria remediation to confirm and document that the cleanup was successful. Usually this includes a visual inspection of the area targeted for remediation along with additional sampling.

During this inspection, our inspector will collect swab samples of physical surfaces that are still slightly dirty or discolored, a settled dust sample from the areas that were contained during remediation and an air sample from each major area. The samples will be analyzed on site using a microscope by a trained microscopist.

During this post-remediation inspection, our inspector will also test for any contaminated water in the soil, groundwater and surface waters of the property. This will help our hazmat team determine how the site was used and the best way to remove the contaminants from the soil.

Post-Remediation Testing

Post remediation verification or clearance testing is a critical step to confirm that the remediation process was successful. It generally includes a visual inspection of the targeted area along with additional sampling.

Most reputable companies will warranty their work by “passing” this third-party testing. However, it is important to establish financial responsibilities should the remediated areas fail this PRV visual and/or analytical testing.

As the size of a mold and bacteria remediation project increases, so does the need for quality control. This is similar to the manufacturing process where more testing and documentation is needed for larger volumes of items being manufactured.

Post-Remediation Warranty

When it comes to the best way to clean up a water disaster, you may not have to go too far. A professional can remove the most obvious source of the water and dry out the rest of the property to make it look as good as new.

There are many things that can lead to water damage in your home or business, including broken appliances and plumbing issues. If you don’t take action early, the water can get behind walls and into flooring.

Luckily, we provide quality service in the Phoenix Arizona Valley. We’re licensed and insured to handle water restoration, mold removal and a whole lot more. We can help you restore your property after a flood, sewage backup or any other type of water problem. So, call the experts at PritchettHi today to get a free estimate.

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