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A Digital Foundation Leveling Survey is a quick and accurate way to get an elevation overview and document that the floor of your home is level. It is commonly used by lenders to make sure that any repairs made on your home are done properly.

The leveling process is a series of measurements between two endpoints using an instrument and a measuring rod. The differences in height between the measurements are added and subtracted to determine the net difference in elevation.


Using the Digital Foundation Leveling Survey, we can complete a home inspection quickly and accurately. The device shines a beam evenly over the length of the staff and reads the barcode from the graduated rod, eliminating fatigue and human error while providing precision measurements under low light conditions.

Accuracy is evaluated and reported for topographic and planimetric object features depicted on A/E/C spatial data products and related control surveys following established accuracy standards and testing methods. These accuracies are usually less accurate than the positional or elevation tolerances required by engineering or construction applications for the objects depicted on site plans or maps, but may be acceptable for some small-scale A/E/C mapping projects (see Appendix A).

Vertical accuracy is tested by comparing the elevations of well-defined points with those determined from an independent source of higher accuracy. This can be done either by establishing the elevations of Geodetic/Primary Project Control Monuments or project benchmarks or by holding the elevation values established by differential leveling.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the primary reasons why land surveyors and construction professionals choose to use digital levels. Simply aim the staff, adjust the focus, and with a press of a button the level shines a beam over the length of the staff to read a barcode on the graduated rod.

This bar code image is then matched to an internal reference and the measurement result displayed. This eliminates interpolation of the graduation by a person, increasing accuracy and reducing fatigue during measurements.


The Digital Foundation Leveling Survey consists of a topographic survey accompanied by a photo real 3D model that can be used for building layouts and blueprints. This particular survey is a must for builders and realtors as it can save on costly changes to the structure by ensuring everything is based on solid foundations.

This type of survey can be performed in a fraction of the time it would take to draw up the same model using hand tools. It can be used for all types of properties from single family homes to large commercial buildings.

A top notch survey will cost around $200 to $300 per hour depending on the project scope and the equipment used. The most expensive component will be the computer aided design (CAD) software. A high-end CAD program is a must have for any serious contractor or builder. This is one area where you will need a firm with a good reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.


The Digital Foundation Leveling Survey is a very quick and accurate way to determine the position of the foundation of any home. During most home inspections, the position of the foundation is not given much consideration and this can lead to expensive repair bills down the road.

A leveling survey is a type of land survey that is used to locate topographic features such as fences, utilities, buildings, elevations, and contours. These surveys are often required by state and local governments, and can be used to plan site improvements and developments.

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